Rectangular Inductive Sensor 10-30VDC 2wires

Rectangular Inductive Sensor

10-30VDC 2wires


  1. Non-contact measurement,long lifetime,high-stability ;  
  2. Various choices in dimensions,ranging from W25*L38.5 to W80*L80;
  3. Wide Sensing range from 8 mm to 40 mm ;
  4. Flat design in appearance makes installation in narrow space more convinient 
  5. Selectable connection to provide easy installation --cable,terminal block 
  6. Widely applied in Machinery; Equipment Manufacturing Industry,Packaging Industry,Automotive industry etc .
  7. IP rating : IP67 IP66(IEC)
  8. Protection : short circuit protection,reverse polarity protection,overload protection


Model Voltage Mounting Sensing
Specification Housing
  IPSBF 10~30VDC N 3mm,5mm 26*12*40 PBT Cable
  IPSBH 10~30VDC N 5mm,8mm 17*17*28 PBT Cable
  IPSLA 10~30VDC N 5mm,8mm 17*17*34 PBT Cable
  IPSBC 10~30VDC N 5mm,8mm 18*18*36 PBT Cable
  IPSLD 10~30VDC N 8mm 25*25*38.5 PBT Cable
  IPSDH 10~30VDC N 10mm 30*30*52.5 PBT Cable
  IPSLB 10~30VDC N 15mm 35*35*50 PBT Cable
  IPSDM 10~30VDC N 20mm 40*40*53 PBT Cable
  IPSKE 10~30VDC N 40mm 80*40*80 PBT Terminal
  IPSBX 10~30VDC N 20mm 40*40*120 PBT Terminal
  IPSDB 10~30VDC N 40mm ¢80*40 PBT Cable